Timeline for the Formulation and Implementation of the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy


5 June 1998 The U.S. Government issues its White Paper, calling for creation of not-for-profit corporation (later ICANN) to handle consensus-based technical management of the Internet's infrastructure. The White Paper also states that the U.S. Government will ask the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to conduct a consultative study on domain name/trademark issues.
8 July 1998 to 30 April 1999 WIPO conducts its consultative process. For the WIPO timetable, see <http://ecommerce.wipo.int/domains/process/eng/timetable.html>.
30 April 1999 WIPO delivers its final report to ICANN. This report covers several topics, including dispute resolution (in chapter 3). On dispute resolution, the WIPO report recommends institution of a policy followed uniformly by all registrars in the .com, .net, and .org TLDs.
27 May 1999 The ICANN Board adopts a resolution referring the recommendations of chapter 3 of the WIPO final report to the ICANN Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO).
12 June 1999 The DNSO Names Council forms Working Group A to study the WIPO recommendations regarding dispute resolution.
29 July 1999 Working Group A submits its final report to the Names Council recommending establishment of a uniform domain-name dispute-resolution policy for all registrars.
4 August 1999 The DNSO Names Council adopts the Working Group A report (with minor revisions) and sends it to the ICANN Board as a consensus recommendation.
20 August 1999 A group of registrars submits a "Model Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy for Voluntary Adoption by Registrars."
24 August 1999 ICANN staff presents "ICANN Staff Report: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy for gTLD Registrars" to the Internet community and the ICANN Board before the 25 August public forum held in Santiago, Chile, on the dispute-resolution policy.
26 August 1999 The ICANN Board accepts the DNSO recommendation for establishment of a uniform domain-name dispute-resolution policy. The Board instructs ICANN staff to convene a small drafting committee and prepare implementation documents for approval after public comment, using the registrars' Model Policy as a starting point.
29 September 1999 ICANN staff posts its "Staff Report on Implementation Documents for the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy," together with implementation documents consisting of the written UDRP and uniform rules for public comment until 13 October 1999.
24 October 1999 The ICANN Board approves the implementation documents, as revised in accordance with public comments. This approval was based on the "Second Staff Report on Implementation
Documents for the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
," presented to the Board on 24 October.
29 November 1999 First dispute-resolution service provider (World Intellectual Property Organization--WIPO) approved.
1 December 1999 First day complaints may be submitted to dispute-resolution providers for disputes involving domain names sponsored by most registrars (this did not include America Online, the NameIT Corp., or Network Solutions).
9 December 1999 First proceeding (wordlwrestlingfederation.com) commenced.
23 December 1999 Second dispute-resolution service provider (National Arbitration Forum--NAF) approved.
1 January 2000 Third dispute-resolution service provider (Disputes.org/eResolution consortium--DeC) approved.
3 January 2000 First day for submission of complaints to the dispute-resolution providers for disputes involving domain names sponsored by America Online, the NameIT Corp., and Network Solutions.
14 January 2000 First proceeding (worldwrestlingfederation.com) decided.
22 May 2000 Fourth dispute-resolution service provider (CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution--CPR) approved.
16 October 2000 Approval of the Disputes.org/eResolution consortium as a dispute-resolution provider transferred to eResolution (eRes).

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